Daisy. A love story.


A love story between Daisy and Charlie.

Behind the scenes on the set of “Daisy”

It’s 1930 and Daisy is a 25 year old woman, from one of the wealthiest Catholic families in the neighbourhood and is in love with a Protestant farmer, Charlie. But Daisy has life-changing news and it is time to tell her parents; she has fallen pregnant with Charlie’s baby out of wedlock.

The news is not taken well by her narcissistic mother Janet and emotionally absent father Joseph. Janet threatens to disown Daisy and throw her on the street.

Daisy is faced with a choice, will she accept the abuse she has always received from her mother and father? Or will she stand up for what she believes in, her love for Charlie and most importantly, their unborn child?


Recently filmed at Barwon Park Mansion in Winchelsea, Daisy is based on the true story esteemed writer Cassidy Krygger’s great-grandparents. 

A proud grant recipient of Geelong Waterfront Film, we are thrilled to see Daisy coming to life. 

The crew. 

Executive Producer, Mia De Rauch

Director, Alyssa Scott. 

Writer, producer, actor, Cassidy Krygger

Images:  Splash of Life Photography 


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Words: Belinda Lyle

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