Barwon Mansion short film

Geelong Premiere. “Barwon Mansion”

Geelong Waterfront Film proudly hosted the premiere of "Barwon Mansion", a short film by Mia de Rauch.

Proudly hosted by Geelong Waterfront Film, “Barwon Mansion” short film premiered at the Pivotonian Geelong Cinema, Thursday 15 September, 2022. 
👉About the Premiere Event
Film buffs enjoyed the premiere of Barwon Mansion and took the opportunity to meet the Director and crew.  
✔️The film screening was followed by a panel discussion with Writer/Director – Mia de Rauch, DOP – Pete James and actor – Clare Hayes.
Thanks for coming! 
Barwon Mansion is also screening at the North Bellarine Film Festival. 
Going on to win many Awards, Geelong Waterfront Film is proud to support Barwon Mansion. 
Honorable Mention Silk Road Film Awards Cannes 2022
Winner Best Film Toronto Feedback Female Film Festival 2022
North Bellarine Film Festival Official Selection 2022
👉“Barwon Mansion” synopsis:
Claire has found the strength to leave her unsafe environment and now needs a home that will take her through her journey of trauma.
Barwon Mansion is that place. A place that calls to the people who need its protection most – for as long as they need to be safe within its walls.
“Barwon Mansion” is a short film that follows the story of Claire as she recovers from her emotionally scarring relationship at the house of care.
Mia de Rauch headshot
Geelong Filmmaker, Mia de Rauch

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