Filmmaking in Geelong.

With its diverse and impressive natural landscape Geelong is destined for the screen. Urban areas, semi-rural landscapes and beautiful coastline see Geelong and surrounding areas as an ideal area for filmmaking.

Geelong’s affair with the silver screen began with 1959 sci-fi flick On the Beach,  featuring scenes filmed in Corio’s oil refinery. But, perhaps the region’s most famous appearance was when a young Mel Gibson roared around the You Yangs in a black Ford Falcon GT for cult film Mad Max in 1979. Ghost Rider, starring Nicholas Cage, and The Dressmaker, starring Kate Winslet, were also shot in the region. More recently, Miranda Nation’s film Undertow and Erin’s and Luke Saliba’s Paper Champions, included scenes in or around Geelong. 

However, to have a viable filmmaking industry in Geelong, we need to ensure more film and TV producers are knocking on our door. Not only that, we need to put the spotlight on local directors, producers, actors and other people in the industry. For filmmakers in the region, and there’s more than you think, this is huge and it’s exciting to think there might be a bigger future for this type of work. 

The Geelong Waterfront Film project, initiated by Geelong Accountant, Mr Patrick Rowan is run by volunteers from local businesses and interested parties. 

The vision BIG. We’re talking staging of a major Geelong Waterfront Film Festival and local film making Awards and the establishment of other platforms to showcase up and coming talent. 

However, this BIG vision is long term and of course reliant on funding.  In the meantime, here’s what’s currently happening: 

Waterfront Film Foundation. 

TheEstablishment of the Waterfront Film Foundation offers financial assistance in the form of a grant or investment to those filming in the region.We’ve found producers scouting our region often approach local investors for financial assistance. When sufficiently funded, grants through the Waterfront Film Foundation will attract industry participants to Geelong.  Local filmmakers will also be able to approach the Foundation for assistance so more local work can be showcased.  

  • The Treasurer and the Minister for the Arts has approved the addition of the Waterfront Film Foundation to the Register of Cultural Organisations (ROCO).  Why is this significant?  It means the foundation can receive tax deductible gifts. 
  • A formal Board and Sub-committee structure is currently being established for the Foundation and will be announced soon. 

Let’s see who’s out there. Filmmaker & related parties database. 

The Foundation received a small Grant from the City of Greater Geelong to establish a local database of filmmakers and those in the industry from directors, to lighting specialists, actors, to animators to sound engineers. If you’re in anyway related to Geelong’s filmmaking industry, pop on there. We want to see what you’re up to and you never know what collaborations and opportunities may arise. 

  • Filmmakers and related parties are invited to join the Member database directory 
  • To be added to the database, please complete the Industry database directory sign up form
  • All we ask in return is that you join as a “Friend of Geelong Waterfront Film” for a $20 contribution.

How can you help? 

As the Foundation has just been established, it will be some time before major financial assistance is available to filmmakers. In the meantime, the Foundation is asking for public support in the form of a tax-deductible donation or joining as a “Friend of Geelong Waterfront Film”.

 A BIG thank-you to businesses, individuals and artists who have already contributed, no matter how small. 

We call for local film enthusiasts and Interested parties to become a “Friend of Geelong Waterfront Film” .

Tax deductible donations are also welcome.

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