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Galaxy Studios

Galaxy Studios is a vibrant creative hub, dedicated to producing engaging and entertaining short, non-profit content within the Geelong region.

Partners Ashtan Hase and Chase A. Coustley, both young aspiring filmmakers and actors, share a vision of spreading joy, laughter, and entertainment through their films, shows, and various creative projects. Their love for acting and storytelling has been a driving force in their lives from an early age.

The studio collaborates with a close-knit team of friends, family, and passionate crew members to create quick, lively, and enjoyable content that appeals to a broad audience. Their journey began with ‘All Kinds of Crazy’ in March 2019.

Ashtan’s involvement also extends to the locally filmed ‘Stashamo High,’ while upcoming project, ‘The Red Ring: Part II,’ is eagerly anticipated as a sequel promising to continue the compelling narrative established by its predecessor.