Back to Back Pictures Pty Ltd

Back to Back Pictures Pty Ltd

Inspired by its own ensemble of actors, Back to Back Theatre is a leading voice in contemporary world theatre. Based in Geelong, Australia, the company makes work locally and tours globally.

Back to Back Pictures Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Back to Back Theatre Inc., operates a thriving screen production program, equipped with its rehearsal studio and internal resources including writers, actors (with a specific focus on those with disabilities), producers, directors, and DoPs.

Their notable productions include the feature film “SHADOW,” which earned the SxSW Audience Award in 2022, along with “ODDLANDS,” and the short animated series “FIRST RESPONDERS,” both successfully aired on the ABC. Additionally, they produced the documentary “WHATEVER SCARES YOU,” commissioned and screened by SBS.

Currently, Back to Back Pictures has several screen productions in various stages of development, encompassing a full-length docu-fiction piece and a six-part limited series.

Category: Director, Producer, Execuitve Producer, Post Production, Other

Contact: Paul Summers

Address: PO Box 1257