Daisy Productions

Daisy Productions

Cassidy Krygger is a Geelong based Actor, Screenwriter and Producer with 20 years’ industry experience.

With a passion for everything Hollywood, Cassidy has created ✨a place for everything vintage & Hollywood ✨ and has a huge Instagram following.

Her production firm, Daisy Productions is ready to take flight with a short film in the pipeline.

ENIGMA: A Domestic Conversation 🌼 will tell the story between a maid and the lady of the house who are in love but torn apart by society’s pressures and expectations of them both.

Daisy Productions s is a big believer in telling diverse stories from people that don’t usually have their voices heard.

Cassidy was diagnosed with MS and desperately searches for people like herself – living with MS, telling stories to inspire and to create change. Cassidy wants to be a part of that community and inspire future generations.

ENIGMA has an all female cast, all female producers and a female director.

Category: Director, Producer, Execuitve Producer, Other

Contact: Cassidy Krygger

Phone: 0430 501 995