Adam Juric (4)

Krakin Productions.

Adam Juric, a proud Geelong native, has had a lifelong passion for film production, stemming from his early involvement with Grace Acting Studios at the age of seven.

Having completed his postgraduate studies in Film and Television Production (Bachelor’s Degree) at JMC Academy, Adam is now poised to bring his creative visions to life as a director, writer, and editor.

Driven by a desire to showcase the captivating essence of Geelong, Adam seeks to weave narratives that evoke both emotion and intrigue, while highlighting the untapped potential of this developing city on a global stage.

Currently serving as a creative director for Krakin Productions, Adam is dedicated to producing avant-garde works of the highest quality, providing a platform for the imaginative voices of young Victorian filmmakers to shine.

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Category: Director, Producer, Execuitve Producer, Other

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