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Lorne film is about developing, producing and screening films in order to develop, stimulate and create independent Australian film culture, production and commerce.

LORNE FILM first came into being with the mounting of LORNE FILM 2013 – a film event held in Lorne that went on to develop a reputation for quality, innovation and support for independent Australian film. During this run from 2013 to 2019 LORNE FILM has screened over 200 films – both features and shorts – and run a host of film events.

In 2017 LORNE FILM achieved its ambition of producing its first feature film – THE UNLIT – shot in Lorne, Blackwood and Melbourne. In 2020 THE UNLIT was acquired by HIGH OCTANE PICTURES for rest of world sales.

LORNE FILM’s next feature film, MAGPIE – is due to commence production early 2023 in Trentham, Victoria.

THE WOMAN BY THE WATER – is in development with plans to shoot the film entirely in and around Geelong and Lorne. Lorne Film received a small grant from Geelong Waterfront Film in December, 2023 to assist with the development of the feature film contemporary fairy-tale.

At the helm of Lorne Film is Darren Markey.

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Contact: Darren Markey