The Heights

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National Trust Victoria has numerous properties in the Geelong Region that may be available for filming.

The Heights:

Dating back to 1855, the Heights is a remarkable historic Bellarine property surrounded by beautiful gardens and views of the You Yangs. Prefabricated in Hamburg in 1854, the Heights is one of the largest portable homes in Victoria. The stunning Heights includes extensive stables, grounds and historic water tower.

The Heights is located in Aphrasia Srteet, Newtown.

Barwon Grange.

A Gothic Revival villa built on the banks of the Barwon River during the 1850s and one of the few surviving examples of early colonial residences in Geelong.

The extensive library featured a ‘Cyclopaedia of Medicine’ and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The cellar was stocked with wine and spirits, the conservatory filled with plants, sculptures, a collection of coral and two canaries in brass cages.

Barwon Grange is located in Fernleigh Street, Newtown.

Barwon Park.

A majestic 42 room bluestone mansion and stables set in a sweeping rural landscape in Winchelsea Victoria.

Built in 1871, the bluestone mansion and stables is largely in original condition, and resonates with the glory of Victoria’s pastoral heritage.

The grand entrance hall and central staircase are backed by colourful stained glass windows.

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