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Patrick West is a Geelong-based filmmaker and content creator.

Making films for as long as he can remember, Patrick has directed several short films in the Geelong-area.

Patrick is proud to have included Geelong crews and actors for his productions. ARTICLE Short Film (2019), GAME OF PHONES Mockumentary (2018), TIME TRAVEL TAXI Short Film (2018), SCRIPTED Short FIlm (2017), ALL IN GOOD TIME Short Film (2016), MAIL Short FIlm (2015) are among his works.

With his own freelance business, Patrick also works as a casual at a North Geelong based videography company. With a ‘do it yourself’ attitude towards filmmaking, Patrick has developed an efficient and ambitious approach to the medium. No challenge is too great and no idea is too crazy.

Patrick is also able to assist with post production editing and sound. He is currently editing the web series “Battle of the Beans” an online coffee competition for “The Barista League”.

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Category: Director, Producer, Execuitve Producer, Post Production

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Phone: 0423 645 947