Tracie Sullivan Director of Photography

Tracie Sullivan Photography

Director of Photography.

Based in Point Lonsdale, the talented Tracie Sullivan finds daily inspiration in the ever-changing ocean scenes, from passing ships to the vibrant surf culture and waves.

In the realm of photography, she also specialises in capturing actors, models, film stills, and fashion moments.

With a keen eye for equestrian events and a passion for photojournalism, she excels in those genres as well.

As the official photographer for the Queenscliff Netball Football Club, she has become a trusted presence in the sports arena.

Her skillset extends beyond photography into the realm of video production. Tracie creates engaging corporate videos for various sectors, including government, retail, and the private sector.

Tracie is currently in the process of developing her first short film, showcasing the beauty of the Bellarine area and the talents of the local community.

Her versatility doesn’t end there. She is also actively involved in acting and is a proud member of Screen Actors Australia.

With a diverse range of skills and a passion for storytelling through various mediums, Tracie continues to make their mark in the creative world.

Category: Director, Producer, Execuitve Producer, Other

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