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Sharing Skills, Caring Colleagues. Filmonik.

Filmonik. An annual Kabaret filming event that encourages filmmaking in a collaborative environment.

The screen industry is tough. Right?  The industry is full of big egos. Right? Well, not exactly.  True, established industry professionals have walked the tough road to build a career in the industry but this does not mean they are unsympathetic to those just starting out. An inspiring example of the gentler side of the industry is Filmonik in Melbourne.


Shailla wowing the audience at the May Filmonik Kabaret

Let’s hear the experience of a Geelong film maker at the recent Kabaret, Filmonik’s yearly collaborative filmmaking workshop.

Sophie O’Gorman spent many years in Paris followed by stints in Montreal and Los Angeles.  She arrived in Geelong just in time for the Covid troubles.  It has of course been a difficult time for everyone and so the opportunity to work, even briefly, with like-minded people at Filmonik was inspiring for Sophie.

‘I have developed new friendships and met possible future collaborators.  We are at different stages.  It was amazing.’

Discussion with film makers

Bring What You Can to Filmonik

Sophie attended the Filmonik Kabaret this May where, over a three-day weekend, 60 people at all levels of experience collaborated to make 20 short films.  The whole group were then able to watch the films on the big screen.

‘Things that you edit on your lap top with head phones in no way compares with sitting in a cinema… colours will be different; the experience is different and this all feeds back into your editing.  You never pick this up on a smaller screen.’

The films are produced with whatever and whoever is at hand.

‘It’s not about who’s got the best camera, we just use what we have.’

The aim of the Kabaret is not to produce perfect films but rather bring people together and celebrate the common interest and drive to create audio visual content.

‘We need bad art…. We cannot be good at everything. Filmonik is a safe and non-judgemental place to do this.’

Filmonik audience watching their films on the big screen

Ten years of passion (in Melbourne)

Filmonik  is part of the Kino movement that started in Montreal in 1999 and was brought to Melbourne by the powerhouse team of Oliliver Bonenfant and Iphigenie Frey.

‘It encourages people to practise telling their stories.  It is a true comment that culture is born when people tell their local stories.’ Sophie concludes.

The Filmonik creed says it all – ‘Do well with nothing, do better with little, make it now’.

A philosophy of making film with minimum resources in a collaborative environment.  That’s an approach where everyone can benefit.

We would love to receive your thoughts about the Filmonik concept – wouldn’t it be awesome to have something like this in Geelong? 

Filmmaker Sophie Gorman headshot
Geelong Filmmaker Sophie O'Gorman

Words: Linda Carr

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