Paul Moore in Stashamo High

Stashamo High. High School’s Unfortunate Chaos.

Join a High School subbie’s wild ride through unfortunate chaos. Proudly supported by Geelong Waterfront Film.

Stashamo High 

Welcomed by the ringing of the first bell of the day, and walking along the polished lino floors of locker lined corridors, we meet an unlikely bunch of characters that make up the staff and students of Stashamo High School. As teachers take their final sips of coffee, we follow Mr Bates on his adventures as a butterfingered casual relief teacher, optimistic that his teachings can help make the world a better place.

His journey provides an insight into the unwittingly comical life inside schools, hilarious character traits of teachers who take their jobs too seriously, and the students who do their best to cause chaos.

Stashamo was inspired by events and stories from inside real schools. Sometimes confronting, but ultimately heart-warming and funny, this series aims to bring audiences back to their fondest memories of high school, and perhaps some memories that they had tried hard to forget.

The crew. 

Creator / Producer, Paul Moore. 

We can’t wait to see the pilot episode of Shashamo High. 


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Words: Belinda Lyle

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