Music in FIlm and TV Workshop

The power of Music in Film & TV with Michael Stangel.

This event will form part of the 2024 Event series pending demand. Please register your interest at info@geelongwaterfrontfilm.com.au
Michael at ARIAS 2019

Unlocking the Secrets … what we wish we knew. 

Learn how to integrate Music into content. 

Join us for an insightful workshop with Singer, Songwriter, Michael Stangel. 

  • Choosing music for your project 
  • Where to find music and use it legally 
  • Learn the basics of music publishing
  • For composers / songwriters – ways to get your music in film & TV 
  • Discover digital platforms for music placement v’s traditional placement options for film & TV
    This workshop is for filmmakers AND songwriters / composers looking to get into film & TV. 

Outline of Content:

An opportunity to analyse / workshop these case studies:

“Friday Night Lights” (TV Series): Explore how music was used effectively to enhance the emotional impact of the series and create a distinct atmosphere.

“Marley And Me” (Movie, USA): Dive into the role of music in this heartwarming film and how it contributed to the storytelling and audience connection.

“The Philanthropist” (Movie, USA): Discover how music was utilised to enhance the dramatic moments and evoke specific emotions in this thought-provoking film.

“Pedigree Pet Food” (TVC, Australia): Explore the use of music in advertising and how it can create brand recognition and capture audience attention.

We’ll also cover: 

  • How to Present Your Catalogue: Learn valuable insights on effectively presenting your music catalogue to film and TV professionals, including tips on showcasing your work and making it stand out.
  • Publishing and Masters Explained: Gain a better understanding of the role of music publishing and mastering in the film and TV industry, including rights management and licensing.
  • Tips on Self-Promotion: Discover practical strategies for promoting yourself as a composer or songwriter, including building relationships, networking, and creating an online presence.
  • Fees and Expectations: Gain insights into the world of music licensing and understand industry standards for fees, negotiations, and what to expect when working on film and TV projects.

An invaluable workshop with lots of opportunity to ask questions, seek advice, and receive personalised insights.

This is your chance to tap into Michaels’s extensive network and publishing knowledge which could lead to many opportunities.

Register your interest. 

If you are interested in this workshop and want to keep informed of the next event, please email info@geelongwaterfrontfilm.com.au 

Image of Michael Stangel playing guitar

About Michael Stangel

Michael has extensive experience in the music industry, in fact, he’s been a part of it  for the past 39 years.

He has had a long-standing career in association with some of Australia’s most successful acts, including Shannon Noll, The Veronicas, Human Nature, Justice Crew, Nathaniel, Taylor Henderson, Royston Noll and Merril Bainbridge.

Michael has achieved domestic and international charting singles as an Artist, Song/Writer-Producer and publisher. 

From 2004 to 2010, Michael was the publishing director at Jellyfish Music.

During that time, he was instrumental in getting placements both on TV and film.

International cuts include Marley and Me (Feature Film Staring Owen Wilson and Jenifer Aniston), Friday Night Lights (NBC), and The Philanthropist( NBC).

Domestic Cuts include Pedigree pet food Paws for Paws Campaign Home and Away, Neighbours, Housos, and Fat Pizza. 


This event forms part of the Geelong Waterfront Film “Unlocking the Secrets … what we wish we knew” series. 

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