The Woman by the Water. Waterfall. Lorne Victoria.

The Woman by the Water

Sailor's, Hunters & Kings - a fairy's tale. A feature film project by LORNE FILM.
Darren Markey
Writer of Woman by the Water and Co-founder and Director of LORNE FILM, Darren Markey.

🎬 Geelong Waterfront Film is thrilled to be assisting Daren Markey, Lorne Film with a small grant for the development of a beautifully told, contemporary fairy-tale. 

“LORNE FILM is thrilled to welcome Geelong Waterfront Film to its exciting feature film project, THE WOMAN BY THE WATER.

Geelong Waterfront Film are providing assistance through the Waterfront Film Foundation financial grant program to assist LORNE FILM in completing its Proof of Concept for THE WOMAN BY THE WATER.

We are most grateful for this support and can’t wait to begin taking the first steps on this exciting feature film project with our partners, Geelong Waterfront Film and the Surf Coast Shire.”

–  Darren Markey, filmmaker

The project is developed by Lorne Film and forms part of its charter to stimulate film culture and commerce along the Surf Coast and Otway region – and beyond. 

We look forward to seeing your proof of concept Lorne Film. 

Read the full synoposis here. 

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