Rebecca Metcalf and Michael Stangel

Waterfront Film Foundation Issues First Grant

Writer / Director, Rebecca Metcalf has received Geelong Waterfront Film Foundation's first grant for her short film "Development".

In exciting news, Geelong Waterfront Film Foundation has issued its very first grant. 

There is a huge amount of effort that goes into making a short film and any support – content creators receive is met with a huge amount of gratitude.

Filmmaker Rebecca Metcalf received $2,500 for her film “Development”, presented to her at the Geelong Waterfront Film official launch. 

Rebecca filmed at a construction site in Highton, Geelong and made use of local talent residing in the region throughout her filming.

Many local Geelong businesses also came on board to support filming by providing equipment, locations and sweet-treats to the hard-working crew. 

We look forward to seeing the progress of “Development” and wish Rebecca the best of luck with the short film. 

Content creators who are looking to film in Geelong are encouraged to apply through Geelong Waterfront Film’s Grant Program. 

Local businesses interested in supporting the Geelong film industry are encouraged to join as a Friend of Geelong Waterfront Film and list on the Industry database. 





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